Gantry Crane manufacturers

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Gantry Crane manufacturersGantry Crane manufacturersGantry Crane manufacturers

Gantry Crane manufacturers Double Girder Gantry Crane Overview The gantry crane is composed of a portal frame, a crane operating mechanism, a lifting trolley, and electrical parts. In order to expand the operating range of the crane, the main beam can extend beyond the outriggers to one or both sides to form a cantilever. A lifting trolley with a boom can also be used to expand the crane's operating range through the pitch and rotation of the boom. The control method could be ground control, remote control, cabin control or both, in the cab there are adjustable seat, insulating mat on the floor, toughened glass for the window, fire extinguisher, electric fan and auxiliary equipment such as air condition, acoustic alarm and interphone which can be furnished as required by users. Features 1. Reasonable structure and favorable performance. 2. Smooth starting and stopping. 3. Safe and reliable traveling, long life. 4. Low noise, commodious cabin with good view. 5. Easy installation and convenient maintenance. 6. Excellent exchangeability for parts and components. 7. Crane drive: IP54 or IP44, level F insulation. Safety system 1. Weight overload protection device. 2. Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer. 3. Crane travelling limit switch. 4. Voltage lower protection function. 5. Emergency stop system. 6. Current overload protection system Specifications Lifting capacity (t)Span (m)Lifting height (m)Work dutyMain lifting (m/min)Deputy lifting (m/min)Trolley travelling (m/min)Crane travelling (m/min)Power source 518~2610A59.2--37.237.7380V 50HZ 3phase AC 30~3512 1018~26108.5--37.237.7 30~3512 20/518~26107.19.236.640.1 30~351244 32/518~26106.39.229.838 30~351240Gantry Crane manufacturers website: