Customized Tubular Mesh Bag

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Customized Tubular Mesh BagCustomized Tubular Mesh BagCustomized Tubular Mesh Bag

Customized Tubular Mesh Bag Onion mesh storage bags Production Description The quality of onion mesh storage bags occupies a place in the highly competitive market. How to judge whether mesh bag is good or bad? The quality inspection standard of mesh bag is as follows: the density of mesh bag should be carried out according to the processing standard, and the warp and weft density should reach 10cm脳needle respectively; The width and standard size of knitted products should not exceed 卤 1cm; the operator must ensure that the product length and breaking weft are not more than 0.8M during the weaving process. The sewing requirements of circular braided mesh bags: the width of the stitching edge should not exceed 2cm, so as to ensure that the length and standard size of the product should not exceed 卤 1cm, and the perimeter should be folded in half, no jumper, no disconnection, the bottom seam is required to be tight and complete to ensure the load-bearing capacity of onion mesh storage bags; The stitch density of 10cm should be no less than 10 stitches; The distance between ordinary stitches should be no more than 10cm when threading rope (except for special requirements), the joint of the rope is the shortest, and the remaining head should not exceed the standard size requirement of 3mm; After sewing, make sure there is no jumper, no floating line, and knock down the machine needle. After sewing round woven mesh bags, the unit quantity is 50, 2000 is a pack; Plain woven mesh bags are 100 as a unit, 2000 is a pack; The unit quantity of all mesh bags must be accurate. Mesh bag is cut with hot melt knife without abrasion. After cutting, the cutting surface of onion mesh storage bags is parallel and neat with the weft. Detailed Images Related Products Utility Usage Onion mesh storage bags are used to pack vegetables, fruits and other products. They are low-energy and environmentally friendly. Because of their good air permeability, the packaged products are not easy to rot. In addition, the price is low, and they are now favored by many customers. Welcome new and old customers to continue to order! Packing Shipping Our HUIGOR Company Producing Process We are a manufacturer of Onion mesh storage bags. The factory has been established for more than 20 years and has about 150 circular loom machines. It integrates wire drawing, weaving, tailoring and packaging. The product quality is strictly controlled, each link is under our own supervision, with large production volume, fast delivery time, and rich colors and sizes of products. At present, the products sell well in domestic and foreign markets. Welcome new and old customers to negotiate business! Our ServiceCustomized Tubular Mesh Bag website: